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Product Advantages:
-- Aluminum sandwich panel cladding, after heating of high temperature of fluorocarbon resin, pigment and lipid solvent and then forming a layer of thin film on the surface of the panel, so as to be with extremely high weather resistant performance.
-- Fluorocarbon coating is classified into two kinds: general fluorocarbon coating and Nano coating.
Through two or three times treatment of painting and baking, it is with extra strong weather resistant and UV resistant performance. Anti acid, alkaline resistant, withstand bad weather conditions. Color and lustre can last above 15 years.
-- There are a lot of usage of this panel cladding, like building exterior wall cladding, old building wall decoration reformation, balconies, shop face decoration, interior wall, ceilings, balconies, kitchen, bathroom, sign board, platforms and advertisement boards, tunnel and other industrial usages.
-- We adopted A1100 or A3003 alloy, which is featured by rigid, lightweight, UV resistant for our door application, flat, smooth, uniform surface as well as easy fabricated, folded and formed.
-- We have certification of GB/T17748-1999 standard and ISO9001,ISO14001.Thus, our product have best quality guarantee and after-sale service.
-- Most importantly, various colors are available, according to customers' requirements. With high impact resistance and good plasticity, it can efficiently lightened burden for walls and strengthened impact resistance for constructions. What's more, after using this panel it is equipped with sound insulation, thermal resistance and fire retardant capability.
Technical Parameters:
ItemAluminum composite panel thickness (mm)Thickness of aluminum face plate Width
(mm)Length (mm)Color
Standard40.512202440Refer to color card or samples
Optional 5,6 0.3~0.5900, 1250, 1500, 1650 <5800buy Pvdf Aluminum Composite Panel
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